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YIOSI Solar Cell Optmizer

Product:YIOSI Solar Cell Optmizer
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Detailed introduction

YIOSI  Solar Cell Optmizer is co-developed by worldwide well-known IC solution provider Maxim Integrated and Zerun Electronics. With Solar Cell Optimizer SoCs you can perform MPPT and DC optimization on each cell string. This granularity minimizes power degradation due to row-to-row shading, soiling, and other sources of mismatch within the panel and string, it allows each cell string to deliver maximum power under the environmental conditions, enabling you to harvest more energy, achieve denser panel layouts, and improve system reliability.
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Description Specification 
Rated system voltage 1500V DC
Rated current 12A
Reverse current 25A
Operation temperature -40℃~+85℃
Degree of protection IP68(1m,1h)
Rated impulse voltage 16KV
Contact resistance of connector 0.25mΩ
Rail material Copper,tin plated 銅鍍錫
Insulation material PPO
Flame class 5VA
Certification R50319467 2PFG2305
E351403 UL3730andUL1741
Intended for module type Crystalline晶矽
industrial and Ground Mount(60&72-Cell Panel)
Number of bus ribbons 6
Bus ribbon size  Max. width
                         Max. thickness
Connecting of bus ribbons Soldering錫焊/Clamping壓接
Sealing type O-ring rubber or Potting compound
Mounting type Adhesive密封膠
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