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PV cable

Product:PV cable
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Detailed introduction

1.Dual wall insulation
2.Electron beam cross-linked
3.Excellent resistance to UV,water, ozone, fluids, salt,general weathering
4.Excellent resistance to abrasion
5.Halogen free, flame retardant,low toxicity
6.Very low smoke emissions
7.Excellent flexibility and stripping performance
8.Wire size from 1.5 mm2(16awg) up to 10.0 mm2(6awg)
Electrical data
Nominal voltage U0 / U:  0,6 / 1 kV AC / max. 1,8 kV DC
Test voltage according to EN 50395-6  6,5 kV AC / 15 kV DC (5 min.)
Rated current  2,5 mm2: 41 A; 4 mm2: 55 A
6 mm2: 70 A; 10 mm2: 98 A
Rated voltage  1000 V DC
Insulation resistance of the complete cable according to EN 50395-8.2  1014Ωcm (20 °C) / 1011Ωcm (90 °C)
Thermal and mechanical properties
Ambient temperature
Maximum conductor temperature
-40 °C ... +90 °C
max. +120 °C
Highly heat resistant -40 °C ... +90 °C (>150.000 小時/ hours)
-40 °C ... +105 °C (>70.000 小時/ hours)
-40 °C ... +120 °C (>20.000 小時/ hours)
Expected usable life  25 /years
Mechanically highly stressable -
Flexible at low temperatures -
Abrasion resistance  Very good
Tensile strength  18 N / mm2
Elongation at rupture  160%
Hardness  40 Shore D
Resistance to environmental influences
Resistant to...  UV
Resistance to…
tested according to IEC 60811-2-1
Acids, alcalis and oil (IRM 902)
Fire behaviour
Fire perfomance IEC 60332-1;UL 1581 1061/VW1
Smoke emission IEC 61034;EN 50268-2
Low fire load DIN 51900
Cable structure
Conductor Fine-wire tinned copper strands,Acc. to VDE 0295/ IEC 60228, class 5
Inner insulation Halogen free crosslinked polyolefin Color: black or white
Sheath insulation Halogen free crosslinked polyolefin Color: black,red or white
Certification TUV ZPfG1169/08.17
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