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Z3 AC solar connector

Product:Z3 AC solar connector
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Detailed introduction

1.Contact with inner drum type crown spring, make electrical connect fastness.
2.Self-locking, connect convenience and reliable.
3.Male and female connection sealing adopts double,more safe and reassurance.
4.Contact resistance less than 0.3mΩ, less heating and low power consume.                                                                          
5.Mechanical fastening cable, good aging and service life.
  • Technical parameters
Description 規格Specification 
Pin diameter Φ3.4mm
Rated system voltage 500V AC(TUV&UL)
Rated current 35A (4mm2,12awg)
40A (6mm2,10awg)
Rated impluse coltage 6KV
Rated insulation voltage 4000V
Ambient temperature -40℃~+85℃
   mated IP68
Degree of protection     unmated IP2X
Overvoltage category
Pollution degree 2
Protection class class Ⅱ
Contact resistance of connector 0.3mΩ
Type of termination Crimping 鉚壓
Contact material Copper,tin plated 銅鍍錫
Insulation material PPE
Flame class UL94-V0
Certification     TUV 2Pfg1915
  UL UL6703A
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